Whatever man wants to conceive and believe can be easily accomplished. Thoughts, though abstract, mixed with sharpness, precision, and burning desires, can translate into wealth.

Insurance dedicated to individuals

Broker ID offers you the solutions best suited to your needs: basic health insurance, life insurance, complementary insurance and pension solutions. This in order to offer you maximum security.

Your taxes and tax system

According to the instructions, we analyze and advise you for your statements. In addition, we check the deductions to which you are entitled.

Employee, independent, entrepreneur

What does it mean to be independent? What are the steps to become an entrepreneur? We provide you with the maximum amount of advice.

Private administrative management

Private administrative management is by no means an easy task and often takes you a long time. That’s why we can take care of it today.


Our philosophy is to excel, in order to guarantee you the highest quality services possible.


Each project and client is unique, which is why we strive to be constantly innovative.


Broker ID guarantees a confidential service. In no case will your data be disclosed.

Why we are different

Integrity, an essential quality of any business, is a point that is particularly emphasized here.

Trust and honesty must be present at all times.

This is why, we wish to put at your disposal our knowledge and our expertise in order to optimize your daily life as well as your management.

Who are we ?

Broker ID
A professional team that will take care, with professionalism, but above all passion, of your insurance, your taxation, your real estate as well as your administration.

Christophe Tenthorey


Ioana Jacinto


Valerica Bodescu

Administration Manager

Administrative management

Private customers

Document management

Broker ID supports you and takes care of your administrative management, tax declaration, management of your insurance, etc.

Deadline control

This is an important point and often overlooked! This gives you the opportunity to get better deals from other companies.

Coverage analysis

We analyze your insurance and offer you more advantageous offers, sometimes in other insurance companies.

Disaster management

Claims do not prevent and represent significant physical and psychological burdens. Broker ID supports you in these very often complicated situations.

Pension analysis

A personalized and tailor-made analysis is necessary in order to target your desires and needs and thus be as close as possible to what was expected, when the time comes.

Retirement planning

There are many solutions to finance your retirement. Good planning allows you to anticipate a peaceful future.


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